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Future Homeowners


Shermesha has always made sacrifices and has worked very hard to provide for her family. She has three children, Maleik Patterson(22), Kenijhae Patterson(15) and Ke’niah Patterson(11). Shermesha has been living on her own since the age of 17, when she got her first apartment. She was a teen mother who was pregnant during her senior year in high school. When she was seven months pregnant, her children’s father was arrested due to violating his probation. Due to this, he was not able to support her or be around until her oldest child was one year old.

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Sharnise aka “Lil Bit,” as our Site Supervisor calls her, may be small but she packs much power. Her determination to be able to provide a better life for her children is what led her to Habitat Cabarrus. She currently rents a two bedroom house in Kannapolis. She is concerned about the many issues with the house. There is lead paint on the interior and exterior of the house which can significantly impact the health of her and her children.

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2018-2019 FY

Zula: Dedication Date: November 13, 2018

Zula currently lives in a small rental home that has little insulation, which makes it hard to heat in the winter and hard to cool in summer. Due to this, Zula is paying over $400 per month on average for utilities. The bathroom has mold and the home is constantly invaded by ants. The trees surrounding the house are in need of care and look dangerous to Zula. She has worked for two years to become financially qualified for the homeownership program. Her cost of rent and utilities add up to roughly 60% of her income.

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2017-2018 FY

Carla and Melvin - Dedication Date: June 12, 2018

At any time, any one of us could be in a position where we are left homeless. Carla and Melvin both have a heart of gold that they bless others with daily and are so happy to be able to receive their blessing of a home to call their own through the Habitat Cabarrus Homeownership program.

Paditra - Dedication Date: May 22, 2018

paditraPaditra’s journey began in Wilkesboro, NC. She was a loving wife and a devoted mother of three children but began to experience turmoil in her home due to domestic violence caused by her husband. He even began to mistreat the children. At that moment in her life, she decided to take her children, drive to Salisbury and move into a battered women’s shelter where her and her children would be safe.

Latasha - Dedication Date: April 14, 2018

Jackie The 2017 CommUNITY Build new home will be for Latasha, her 14-year- old daughter and her son’s two-year-old daughter. Latasha currently lives in Concord and is looking for a change of scenery and a fresh start from her current situation.

Jenni - Dedication Date: December 12, 2017

Jenni Jenni was broken. Broken in spirit and body from her abusive marriage. In the summer of 2012 she gathered her courage and her son and walked out into – nothing. Homelessness with a young child was still better than staying in a house filled with fear, violence, and pain.

Joseph - Dedication Date: December 4, 2017

Joseph Joseph came to Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus looking for a home to call his own where he would be able to settle down and start a family. Joseph was a fork lift driver and was laid off during the recession. He was determined to become qualified for a job that would remain in high demand so that he would not be at risk to be laid off again.

Denisha - Dedication Date: July 11, 2017


Denisha is used to looking ahead of her current position. She constantly scans her surroundings and adjusts her direction and speed to navigate the safest course. Denisha transports precious cargo to and from Cabarrus County schools in her bright yellow bus each weekday. She takes the safety of all “her” children very seriously.

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2016-2017 FY

Jackie - Dedication Date: May 23, 2017

Jackie Many of us think we are good stewards of our resources and Jacqueline was no different. She thought she was budgeting wisely. She thought she was stretching her dollars to their best effect. But she never had enough dollars.

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Odessa - Dedication Date: April 4, 2017

Odessa One day Odessa Segers had a life, a plan, and a husband. The next day she was a widow without an income or a Plan B. Most people are working hard on Plan A. But what if Plan A goes south – what then?

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Askena - Dedication Date: February 27, 2017

Askena is quiet. Though she is a woman of few words one should never underestimate her, because Askena is a Doer.

Askena has a lot of extended family in Cabarrus County. In fact, in 2014 when she applied with Habitat Cabarrus Askena lived with family. She shared an overcrowded 3-bedroom house with eight other people. Askena, her daughter, and her sister shared a single bedroom.

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Lucy (Elevation Church Tiny House 2) - Dedication Date: December 13, 2016


Do you remember where you were 8/29/05? Lucy does – vividly. She lived in New Orleans and that’s the date hurricane Katrina hit her city and demolished her home. Lucy had extended family in Cabarrus County and that’s how she ended up in Concord, fleeing only with the possessions she could carry in two suitcases. Lucy moved into a house that had been divided into multiple apartments in Concord. She was happy to find a 350 foot space she could afford.

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Maria (Thrivent Build House) - Dedication Date: November 13, 2016

Ivan and Maria Ms. Hernandez had done everything right. Married – check. Two kids – check. But an abusive relationship undid all of Maria’s hard work. So she and Ivan and Ivonne (her children) started from scratch in a low-end neighborhood in Orange County, CA. Ms. Hernandez continued to do everything right but she never felt safe. So she and her children packed up and moved to Cabarrus County, NC with no family or friends to provide back-up.

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Candis (Collegiate Challenge House) Dedication Date: September 13, 2016


Candis has been an exceptionally determined future homeowner. She entered the program initially in 2014. An unexpected change in her employment removed her from the program for over a year. But Candis believed in the Habitat program and craved the stability home ownership brings. After much perseverance she re-entered the program in 2015.

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Julie (Women Build House) - Dedication Date: July 25, 2016


Life has a way of changing. Julie was pretty satisfied with her life. She had successfully raised her children and was living in an affordable two-bedroom apartment. Then life happened and Julie suddenly found herself raising her five (5) granddaughters. Suddenly that two-bedroom apartment was not so comfortable with six people in it.

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Coni (City of Concord/Wells Fargo House) - Dedication Date: June 28, 2016


Coni is a hard-working single mother of three. She, her son, and two daughters share a two (2) bedroom apartment. It’s a good thing this family it tight-knit because two bedrooms don’t provide a great amount of privacy. But tight quarters are only part of the reason Coni began the Habitat homeownership program.

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Kristina (Builders' Blitz House) - Dedication Date: June 14, 2016


Kristina and her three children live in a small two-bedroom house. The baby shares Kristina’s room and the two other children share a bed in the second room. The quarters are tight for three growing children and their mom. And if space were the only issue, Kristina might never have sought out the homeownership program through Habitat Cabarrus. But for her family, like many low income families, size is only the beginning of the conversation.

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2015-2016 FY

Sonya (Building on Faith/City of Concord House) - Dedication Date: December 15, 2015


After 25 years of marriage, Sonya found herself divorced and living paycheck-to-paycheck in an overpriced apartment with her daughter Majesty. Though expensive, Sonya knew safety was a critical component for her and Majesty’s living situation. During her hardships Sonya kept a positive attitude and prayed for understanding and clarity about her future.

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Heather (City of Concord House) - Dedication Date: November 17, 2015


Heather is the kind of mom who puts her children’s needs first - so she gave up the only bedroom in their small house to her sons. Heather slept on the couch so her children would be well-rested for school. Despite the overcrowding, the leaky roof, the rotten windows and doors, the dubious electrical wiring, and the lack of working HVAC - Heather still dreamed of financial independence.

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Barbara (City of Kannapolis/Collegiate Challenge Tiny House) - Dedication Date: July 13, 2015


Barbara’s world shifted when her husband abruptly declared their marriage was over and forced her from their home. Barbara slept on friends’ and family member’s sofas for a while and spent some time in a homeless shelter. She was temporarily residing in a family member’s basement when she learned about Habitat for Humanity.

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Demekia (North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) House) - Dedication Date: May 21, 2015


Demekia was a hard worker with a good job, terrific kids, and a housing problem… The house they lived in had asbestos tiles in the ceiling, water damage and mold throughout, the windows were painted shut, and the electrical output was iffy at best. So when a co-worker told Demekia about the Habitat home ownership program she was intrigued.

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Sandra (City of Kannapolis Rehab House)


Sandra loves her family, but she knew she and her daughter needed to leave their overcrowded living situation. So she moved into Habitat Hill, our transitional housing apartment building, for a year, to help her meet home ownership criteria.

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2014-2015 FY

Evelyn (Thrivent Build/City of Concord House) - September 2, 2014

Evelyn first learned about the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program from a friend at her workplace. The house Evelyn rented had extensive water damage, no working heat and a very high rental rate. So even though Evelyn worked hard at a steady job, she could not make forward financial progress.

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Erica (Wells Fargo/City of Concord House) - October 21, 2014

Erica always had the dream of becoming a homeowner. Her friend, another Habitat homeowner, told her about the program and urged her to check it out. Erica saw flyers in the community about financial literacy classes and attended the initial session. She was hooked.

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Jazman (Eagles Nest/City of Concord House) - Dedication Date: December 2, 2014

Jazman and her four children lived in a dangerous neighborhood where they witnessed violence regularly. Jazman felt unsafe and wouldn’t allow her teenaged sons play outside unattended. In addition, their home was leaky, drafty, and moldy with poor plumbing and HVAC systems. So when a family member told her about the Habitat homeowner program she quickly embraced it.

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A History of Our Homeowners

HomeownerBuild Name/Home SponsorsYear
Jennifer City of Kannapolis/Collegiate Challenge House 2014
Dwayne & Erica Wells Fargo/City of Concord House 2013
Terrance Building on Faith/City of Concord House 2013
Carissa Kannapolis City Schools House 2013
Charles & Melvina Collegiate Challenge House 2013
Dwanice Hospitality House 2012
Delicia Builders Blitz/Niblock Homes/Wells Fargo House 2012
Marcial & Nancy Collegiate Challenge House 2012
Lorrie Building on Faith House 2012
Dyana 20th Anniversary Women Build 2011
Ruth Collegiate Challenge House 2011
Byron Wachovia House 2011
Mary Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust House 2011


Homeowners in Our Recycled Homes

HomeownerBuild NameYear 
Thomas Habitat Cabarrus Rehab 2012
Felicia Habitat Cabarrus Rehab 2012
Francisco Habitat Cabarrus Rehab 2011
Shantel Habitat Cabarrus Rehab 2011